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The Tour B330‑RX Golf Balls feature a mantle layer and Soft Hydro Core to provide the "boom" by offsetting backspin to increase distance and accuracy. The 330 Dual Dimple Technology provides a consistent flight for golfers with swings below 105 mph.
Callaway’s revolutionary Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X have changed golfers’ expectations for how a Tour ball should feel and perform. Our Dual SoftFast core has completely redefined golf ball performance by simultaneously elevating speed and feel
The Warbird Golf Ball is designed for distance and maximum flight from a high-energy core and a 2-piece design, along with a white or optical yellow color options.
The Q-Star Tour is a premium, lower-compression golf ball with a urethane cover designed especially for golfers with moderate swing speeds who demand the performance and feel of a tour ball.
Softer, lower compression core - the new soft feel's energetic Gradient growth core is 60 compression, which is 12 points lower than the previous model. Softer feel on all full shots without sacrificing the core's high launch, low spin performance
Engineered for golfers who demand maximum performance. The Srixon Z-Star golf ball delivers unmatched technology with incredible feel so golfers can elevate all aspects of their game to score better.
Speed Mantle technology for more iron distance and control. Ethane cover for soft feel and commanding short game performance. RBZ core for maximum distance with soft feel.
delivers fast initial ball speed on all full swing shots for explosive distance while providing playable feel in the short game.
a high-performance ball delivering low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance along with excellent shot-stopping control.
features extraordinary distance, more consistent flight, high launch, low long game spin, outstanding Drop-and-Stop™ control and soft feel.
features longer distance, more consistent flight, lower long game spin, outstanding Drop-and-Stop™ control and very soft feel.